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2020-12-17 20:20 

Chris Williams Keith Duncan JMMB

Sixty Percent There! JMMB Joins The Sponsor Pool for Jamaica Premier League

Press Release

Professional Football Jamaica Limited

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Kingston, Jamaica


Chris Williams Keith Duncan JMMB

Professional Football Jamaica has secured yet another club sponsor, bringing the total to 6 sponsors within 1 week, as JMMB Group is now on board for the Jamaica Premier League 2021 season.

“We are extremely happy to announce that JMMB is on board with the Jamaica Premier League. JMMB is an entity that helps dreams to come true and in this particular instance, JMMB is driving two dreams. Firstly, they are helping to ensure we have a platform from which the young men, our footballers, can demonstrate their skills and from those skills, earn a living and feed their families and take care of their loved ones. Secondly, JMMB recognizes that 2021 is a crucial year for football in Jamaica. We need to ensure that football is being played so that the members of the Reggae Boyz get game time and hone their skills because we want to qualify for 2022. JMMB is helping us to also make that dream a reality.”

Keith Duncan, JMMB Group CEO explains the rationale behind the sponsorship,

“JMMB is confident because we see a level of leadership and vision in football with Chris Williams and Professional Football Jamaica. Football is integral to the youths’ lives. We need to focus on our communities to feel that energy, that spirit that the Jamaica Premier League brings. JMMB is fully behind the building of our communities and our young men.”

For Chris Williams, this brings Professional Football Jamaica closer to its $100M target.

“We are 60% there; thanks to the support of JMMB and thanks for also giving us guidance behind the scenes to help us put our financial plans together for the season. We certainly anticipate that by the middle of January we will be able to announce that we are fully there in terms of sponsorships.”

Keith Duncan also supports the start of the League for 2021.

“I’m hoping that the protocols can be developed. Others have done it, there is no reason we can’t do it. It’s too important to community life.”

 JMMB joins Yummy Bakery, Jamaica Producers, Wisynco, Indies Pharma, and Mount Pleasant Academy in the club sponsor category.

Professional Football Jamaica is finalizing plans for the 2021 season and is awaiting the green light from the government as to when is best to do so. Negotiations are still underway with a number of other sponsors in the presenting, league, and club categories. 

Each club sponsor will be assigned to their respective clubs via a random draw to be conducted in January 2021.

For more information

Email: jplcomms@gmail.com

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